"I work in a fast-paced office with clients from all industries.  I've enjoyed working with Jannie ..she makes my job easy.  Her work is beautifully done and always on time.  Love working with her!"

-Valerie Hendel, Copywriter/Account Manager, Woodstock Media Group

"Jannie recorded a voice over for a web commercial we produced ...In no time she recorded three different options in different styles...All of them were already of very high quality...I can highly recommend working with Jannie and will hire her again..."  

- Thorsten Hoppenworth, Producer

"Ms. Meisberger has served as a narrator for the Tacoma Youth Symphony Association, one of the largest youth symphonies in the United States, and for the Everett Philharmonic Orchestra .. we highly regard Ms. Meisberger's attention to detail as well as her cooperative nature.  The musicians also greatly respect Ms. Meisberger's professionalism, preparation and artistic excellence..."  

- Paul-Elliot Cobbs, DMA, Music Director & Loma L. Cobbs, PhD, Executive Director, Everett Philharmonic Orchestra & Tacoma Youth Symphony.


"Jannie Meisberger is the perfect creative partner.  Not only does she add that special twinkle that makes an audiobook a true experience for the listener, but also she is prompt, efficient and caring....She is amazing.   I am thrilled to have found her.  She has my highest recommendation." - 

- Barbara Silkstone, author, The Gallant Vicar

"...Jannie's amazing voice brought the characters to life and made the story sound more mysterious, fascinating and very enjoyable...she took great care of my story, and I could only highly recommend her to any author who'd like to work with a wonderful voice-over artist." 

-Erika M. Szabo, author, Protected by the Falcon

"The McGunnegal Chronicles began many years ago as a series of bedtime stories that I told my children ...Jannie Meisberger has taken the series to the next level with her masterful storytelling skills.  I've received great feedback from those who have listened to and enjoyed the audiobooks that Jannie has narrated.  I can't thank her enough for truly bringing The McGunnegal Chronicles to life in a new and wonderful way..." 

-Ben Anderson, author, The McGunnegal Chronicles